Saturday, 17 September 2011

Mayweather v Ortiz preview

“Who work harder than me? No athlete work harder than me. F**k fighters. No athlete works harder than me.”
“You tell me one athlete right now that’s been dominating the game for 16 years straight without a loss. Tell me one! Tell me just one!”
Modesty and Floyd Mayweather, never together.
However, his record of 41-0 with 25 KO’s is testament that to be a truly great fighter you need to have supreme confidence.  

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Can Man City buy the Premier League?

MANCHESTER City. One of the most remarkable tales in recent football folklore. This club has always been perceived as the unfashionable kid brother to their city rivals, Manchester United, always living in their shadow. Four days after United were crowned kings of Europe in 1999, Man City were scrapping it out with Gillingham in the Second Division Play-Off. Throughout the next decade, Man City were bested by their city counterparts regularly.

The Robbie Keane myth

WITH two goals in Skopje this summer, Robbie Keane surpassed Bobby Charlton’s record haul of 49 goals to become the British Isles’ leading scorer. With those strikes against Macedonia he sits on 51, far outstripping legends from other home nations such as Ian Rush, Wales, 28 goals, Denis Law and Kenny Dalglish, both Scotland, both 30 goals. He has outscored Gary Lineker for England and looking further afield; he has more goals than Jurgen Klinsmann, Rudi Voller and has just drawn level with Thierry Henry. A substantial return from 111 caps.

New season, new rules in the NFL

This season sees a few slight rule changes introduced to American Football which are sure to have a big impact on teams. The NFL’s Competition Committee has introduced them, with the backing of the majority of NFL team owners, in the interests of increasing players’ safety.

Sport Virgin - The gentlemen's underwater game of Octopush

THE last time I checked, humans really didn't need to go underwater to discover a new sport but alas, octopush has somehow managed to drag itself from the murky depths from which it came and into our civilised society.

For those who are unaware of this unnecessary “sport'', it consists of two teams of 6 players each who essentially play underwater hockey with tiny foot long sticks. Despite having goals there are no goalkeepers as most teams set up a 3-3 formation consisting of 3 defending players and 3 attacking players. The madness ensues from here as both teams aim to drop or flick a hockey puck into a three metre wide container.

Mourinho and the Madrid love affair

In the wake of recent controversy over the eye gauging incident in the Camp Nou, Jose Mourinho continues to entertain us with his indifferent and individual displays as Real Madrid coach. After almost 10 years at the top of the game, is Mourinho’s ego starting to suffocate Los Blanco’s dreams of lifting yet another La Liga title?

One of the most important things I learnt from Bobby Robson is that when you win, you shouldn’t assume you are the team, and when you lose, you shouldn’t think you are rubbish.”