Sunday, 29 May 2011

Birdthistle Single Launch

Limerick’s music haven, Dolan’s Pub, once again gave way to success at Birdthistle’s ‘Let It All Go Home’ Single Launch on Friday, May 27. The upstairs venue hosted a warm crowd of family, friends and new fans of the Limerick indie/folk group. Also in attendance were Vertigo Smyth and Campaign LK who built up the buzzing atmosphere before Birdthistle came to the stage.

The five-man band consisting of two sets of long-time friends and one pair of brothers ‘couldn’t have enjoyed their time on stage more’, according to a member of the audience. They have suddenly had a blast of support from all parts of the globe, with recent boosts in social networking sites and achieving a well deserved place on RTÉ Radio One’s playlist. After promising comments from Hot Press in which Alan Owens described Birdthistle as ‘reminiscent of The Waterboys at the height of their powers’, their originality is evergrowing.

The build up to Friday night gave the band the impression that the “pressure was on,” but air play on the John Creedon Show, Spin South West and an interview with Tipp FM DJ Eoin Lonergan during the previous week gave cause for great excitement and motivation leading up to Friday night.

Once the support acts exited the stage, the lights were dimmed as a screen hosting a green Birdthistle logo rolled down, building up the anticipation of the audience and of the band as the video for their debut single was minutes away from being released. The crowd cheered at the appearance of the band and the pride and excitement amongst the audience and the group could be clearly seen. The music video, shot in Bunratty Folk Park Co. Clare, seemed the ideal location for the video of ‘Let It All Go Home’ and the crowd seemed pleased at the local factor.
Once the video came to an end, the ecstatic five dashed to the stage and the gig went off without a hitch on the band’s part.
At the beginning of every song, a different crowd member could be heard saying ‘This is the one I love’ or ‘Here we go’, showing the many levels of taste incorporated into Birdthistle’s original music. The debut single, ‘Let It All Go Home’ was played with huge enthusiasm and this received a great response from all age categories in the audience.

To the surprise of the band members and the delight of the audience, lead singer Eoin decided to shake things up and pay tribute to The Rubberbandits and their debut single ‘Horse Outside’, giving way to impressive dance moves on the dance floor from the fans of support group Campaign LK. Finally, the event ended on a high note with the song ‘Winding the Clock’ and a massive roar from the crowd. The five-man band thoroughly enjoyed their night and are currently preparing for a London gig on Kilburn Road this weekend.

They haven’t turned into divas just yet however as they won’t be experiencing the luxuries of London this weekend: “They didn’t have our bed’s made so in the end, we asked to make them ourselves” - typical of a regular group of Irish males away for the weekend.

The single, ‘Let it all go Home’ is available for download on Amazon and iTunes. The video has been posted on Youtube and the Birdthistle facebook page is where all event listings and regular updates from the band are available.

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